Inspection & Non Destructive Testing

IMS provide inspectors/technicians with experience specific to your industry and environment. We provide a cost-effective service without compromising on quality. Our inspectors/technicians have a vast amount of experience and expertise to check for corrosion, defects and other wear or damage to your plant, infrastructure or equipment.

We help you ensure the reliability and safety of your products, equipment or plant assets with our innovative inspection services in non-destructive testing (NDT), materials testing and welding quality. We understand the processes involved throughout the entire product cycle, from design and manufacture to operation and maintenance and the frequent need for prompt completion. Our services can support quality control and regulatory compliance, as well as new construction, pipelines repairs and plant maintenance.

Our vast expertise and knowledge in NDT and materials testing mean we can select the right techniques and procedures to identify defects and irregularities in your products, equipment, production facilities or plant assets; and provide you with necessary data to assist you in making informed decisions. IMS can help you avoid the potential for catastrophic consequences and financial losses with early detection of potentially damaging problems, operating inefficiencies or in-service failures.

Our inspection services are as follows:

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
Eddy Current (ET)
Magnetic Testing (MT)
Penetrant Testing (PT)
Visual Testing (VT)
Phased Array (PAUT)
Time of Flight (TOFD)
Aerial Photography
High Quality Reporting to Client Specification
AutoCAD Drawings