Rope Access

Benefits of Rope Access Services

There are many benefits to rope access. Unlike traditional access methods custom designed rope access solutions can be utilised to fit various applications. Among other benefits, rope access is:


Rope access professionals can provide solutions in a wide variety of environments, from high-rise buildings to bridge ways, infrastructure and public sector areas.


Rope access is very economical because fewer personnel can accomplish faster completion which in turn means minimal downtime resulting in lower costs.


Rope access systems are installed and dismantled in no time at all and require fewer personnel than traditional methods. Less interference with other facility operations means less disruptions and minimised downtime.

Environmentally Friendly

Rope access solutions and equipment have minimal effect on the surrounding environment compared to traditional access methods.


Independently IRATA certified rope access technicians uphold an exceptional safety record which makes it one of the safest trades in the commercial, industrial and construction industries to date.

IMS deliver rope access services which maximise the effectiveness, safety and productivity of client assets in any environment whilst also meeting the most stringent quality standards. We achieve this through the expertise of the rope access teams, combined with the flexibility to work in virtually any location across the full spectrum of inspection, maintenance, installation and certification disciplines.

Our key capabilities using Rope Access include:

Fa├žade Building Maintenance
Industrial / Window Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning & Vegetation Removal
Mastic & Sealant Application
Brick Repointing
Graffiti Removal
Protective Coatings
Signage & Banner Installation
Eye Bolt Installation & Inspection
Debris Netting / Bird Prevention
Curtain Walling, Cladding & Glazing
CCTV Installation
Aerial, Satellite Dish & Associated Cabling
Electrical Maintenance
Rigging & Lifting
Steelwork / Welding Repairs
Aerial photography
Ultrasonic, Eddy Current, MPI, DPI, & Visual Inspections
Phased Array (PAUT) & Time Of Flight (TOFD)